Video Production Services

Need something shot for your site, maybe an introduction video, some testimonials, or a commercial? Something a bit more involved? We can do it.

Here is more information about our video production services.

• Chris Rye is an award-winning filmmaker & editor with over 20 years professional experience
• We shoot with a full-frame 35mm Canon 5D MKII in full HD 1080p resolution at 24p or 30p
• Camera can shoot cine-like shots with beautiful shallow depth-of-field
• We have a wide variety of lenses available, from tight zooms, medium primes, to fisheyes
• A variety of high end mics including shotguns and wireless lavalieres
• High end MacPro editing suite – we can craft anything you might need
• Full arsenal of cool filters to give your video just the right look or edge
• Precise audio editing to make everything flow perfectly
• We can store, backup, and archive all video footage shot for clients, and make custom DVDs
• We can set up YouTube accounts for clients and upload their videos for immediate on-site embeds
• Ask about anything else video related, we can probably do it

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We also do non-web related video work.